Good morning, all FUNSCAD members

Congratulations on making such a grand display of solidarity on the line this week. We have been noticed by the employer, the downtown core, and we are hearing from people across the country that the we are lighting up social media! 

We have already received thousands of dollars in donations from our sister unions, which is enormously helpful in covering the benefits expenses and other strike expenses. The CAUT members know that our fight is the same as theirs, wherever they are. And our students have been fantastic in their support and encouragement. 

Many thanks to all of you who have been bringing in soups and other treats. It has been greatly appreciated by all the cold picketers coming in for their breaks. We will need more soup for Friday, when we have more pickets and visitors. FUNSCAD will provide the extras to make a good spread. 

To wrap up the first full week of job action, we have planned a big rally at Granville Mall at noon. If you are on the afternoon picket shifts and can come a bit early, that would be great. There will be lunch for picketers after the rally in the HQ. We will be joined by 10 flying pickets from as far away as BC, and also by members from other NS Universities. We need a big turnout, so if you aren’t scheduled for picket duty tomorrow, please do join us. We will be making our creativity visible! Memories will be made! Don’t miss this event — if we show our strength, maybe we won’t need to do it again next week. 

In solidarity,