Picketing Rules:

In many job actions, picket lines are used to deny or – more commonly – delay access to a worksite. Simply by withdrawing our labour, Faculty are shutting down the workplace, so we do not need to block anyone’s access to campus. We want to ensure that students, Unit II, NSGEU and non-unionized employees are not made to feel uncomfortable crossing the picket line. Our picket line will be most effective if it is constantly visible in daylight hours and if members behave respectfully at all times.
Tomorrow we will be picketing on Duke St. and on Hollis street. If there are enough of us, we will walk around the Granville campus. 
It is important that picketers walk steadily and not cluster in large groups. We encourage you to chat with old friends and meet new colleagues as you walk. Ask people about their research and/or families. Greet students and general public with a smile and a ‘hello’. It is also important to check in on each other, especially when the weather is cold. There is a washroom in our headquarters and we will have a Porta Potty in place by next week. There are public washrooms in Scotia Square. Please don’t go onto NSCAD property. 

Tomorrow there will be picket captains wearing identifiable vests. If you have any questions, please ask them. If anything worrying happens, let them know.

On Monday there will be picket captains at each shift. Please make sure they take note that you are there and let them know if you leave the line and when you return.
In Solidarity,