FUNSCAD supports the School Strikers and the week of Global Climate Action

Youth around the world have been striking from school on Fridays, demanding action to stop the global climate crisis. The aim is to move world governments to take emergency action and end the fossil fuel era. Over 1,700 strikes are planned in more than 150 countries to disrupt business as usual, and strikers are calling on everyone to join them.

“Climate change is the greatest crisis humanity has ever faced, and it will affect our generation the most,” said Alexandria Villaseñor, school striker and founder of Earth Uprising. “That’s why at the global climate strike, youth must lead the way and demand climate action NOW from our world leaders!”

FUNSCAD recognizes that climate change is an urgent problem and that governmental policy is the single most important way of dealing with it. We voice our solidarity with all those participating in the Global Climate Strike.

The week starting Friday 20 September to Friday 27 September has been designated as a Global Week of Climate Action. School children around the world will be walking out of schools to protest their governments’ lack of action on climate change and other environmental concerns, such as single use plastics, animal habitat depletion, collapsing ecosystems and the fallout from environmental racism. The School Strikers have asked that adults join in this action, with a particular focus on the march occurring at 11 am on Friday 27 September at Victoria Park. Please consider letting your students know about the Global Climate Action.

For a listing and details about Halifax based daily events and actions, check the website at

The website is a work in progress, and everything is volunteer based, so it may not be perfect. 

In the spirit of this Action where global issues are being addressed locally, please remember, you do not have to be bound to the protests already arranged. Feel free to invent and add new ones. The point is to send a clear, unambiguous message to our government in the weeks leading up to the Federal Election, that this issue has to be the top of any agenda.  

In Solidarity,

Mathew Reichertz

President FUNSCAD

Faculty Union of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

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